Knowledge Base


Who can edit a resource?

All resources inside the Free Software Database can be improved. This can be done by token owners (developers, copyright owners, maintainers, publishers, …) or by the volunteers. Any edit performed has the effect of either worsening or improving the statistics of the edited resource. The statistics are refreshed once a day.


This value represents how much time the average visitor needs to fully understand what the resource does.


This value is the total number of times a resource has attracted the interest of the visitors.


Shows the last time a token owner published a new update or a volunteer proposed a new change.

How can we improve the Karma?

Keep the description short and objective:

  • make sure that the entire resource is described in a single search result
  • streamline the Description by getting to the point and describe only the resource
  • avoid complex terminology in both Title and Description
  • use only the English language and keep it simple
  • list all the possible use cases for a resource
  • make sure the Homepage button links to an up-to-date webpage which is strictly related to the resource

In general, try to keep the time needed to read the description under 2 minutes.

How can we improve the Views?

The Teaser is what the visitors see near the resource name and it is meant to attract their attention toward whatever resource they may need in the immediate. First, make sure the resource has good Karma, then replace the Teaser with a slogan or an enticing one-line description.

What are the benefits of good statistics?

All resources with outstanding Karma and a high number of views are much more likely to be recommended in the Homepage or at least be offered as a search suggestion to visitors around the world. This process is fully automatic and happens every minute. In addition, popular resources with good karma rank better in the search results. Finally, the simple action of making a change gives a small Karma boost which lasts for 6 months.