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This is a safe space

This platform can offer its users different forms of communication and asks you to use common sense in your interpersonal relationships or, in other words, to put yourself in the shoes of your interlocutors before posting your messages.

As a guide to encouraging self-moderation, the following is a summary of what, depending on the context, you may not post on this platform:

CG0.1 Sharing of personal information (doxing)

Your interlocutor feels in danger:

  • Non-consensual publication of information that can be used to track down an individual.
  • Non-consensual publication of the contents of private web profiles.
  • Sharing of information that can help track down communities at risk of assault or discrimination.

CG0.2 Discrimination against the individual

Your interlocutor no longer feels like your equal:

  • "Public pillory" (shaming).
  • Threats of "cancellation" (cancel culture).
  • Any discrimination based on genetics.
  • Biphobia, homophobia, heteronormativity, bisexual erasure and any attacks based on gender identity.
  • Abilityism, ageism, sizeism and so on against an individual or a community.

CG0.3 Abuse of superstition

Your interlocutor is distanced from official science:

  • Suggesting that an individual or group can perform miracles.
  • Suggest a ritual or faith as a substitute for prophylaxis, vaccinations or medical treatment.
  • Apology of religious fundamentalism or terrorism.

Your interlocutor loses his freedom of speech due to legal pressure:

  • Threatening legal action in public.
  • Impersonating someone else or a company without having the right to do so.
  • Deceptively portraying yourself in order to gain an unfair advantage.

CG0.5 Posting harmful content

Your interlocutor suffers material damage:

  • Sharing potentially harmful, offensive or violent content without adding a warning.
  • Sharing content that could cause seizures without adding a warning.
  • Frequent and out of context publication of ads (spamming).
  • Sale of weapons, drugs, images, videos or any other services which are potentially illegal in the European Union.

By using messaging through this website you take full and exclusive responsibility for your social interactions, as well as agree to behave as a good guest toward the digital infrastructure and community that hosts you.