Knowledge Base


R0.1 Ethics

Religion, ethnicity, politics, social status, title, gender, … are of no importance on this platform. Being in good faith is — and always will be — the only prerequisite for participation and permanence.

R0.2 Privacy

The platform supports the EU GDPR and does not violate the privacy of any visitor (eg. cross-site tracking is not used). In addition, data is never collected nor archived without explicit permission and if you've sent something personal (either intentionally or by mistake) it will be deleted on your request.

R0.3 Quality

Resources are software, hardware, designs, graphics, documentation, …

Any visitor which obtained a resource directly or indirectly linked to this platform is considered an end user.

Strict quality control is in place and the FSWDB forbids:

R0.3A Malicious code (malware)

All resources which are designed to harm individuals or companies and/or to procure any unfair, hidden advantage to any 3rd party by exploiting computing resources. This consideration is only about the offered functionality.

R0.3B Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA)

All resources which are, support or embed hidden and potentially unwanted applications or cause potentially unwanted modifications to the system configuration without explicit permission of the system administrator. The applications intentionally distributed with a default configuration that can jeopardize system stability or security (eg. by ignoring IEEE Std 1003.1 or LSB FHS) also fall in this definition.

R0.3C Intentional vulnerabilities (backdoors)

All resources which, by default, could be easily exploited to gain unauthorized access to the system or are distributed along with or from the same web domain of one of the aforementioned.

R0.3D Political involvement

All resources which are explicitly linked to propaganda or which are clearly linked to side endings unrelated to the welfare of the end user. This consideration is about the resource itself, the developer/s and the involved stakeholders.

R0.3E Obsolescence

All resources which depend on unmaintained code are visibily marked as Obsolete. If the obsolescence was caused by security issues, the resource is delisted.

R0.3F Hostile forks

All resources developed in unethical forks designed to be confused with the original.

R0.4 Service

The service consists of all web pages under the domain and its subdomains, as well as staff and volunteers. Platform is the equivalent term.

When using this platform you agree to the following:

R0.4A Availability

The uptime is the sum of all timespans this platform remains publicly accessible. This service is offered "as is" without any guarantee of availability, security or usability. Don't expect 99.9% uptime.

This service is designed to be used by people and only supports human interactions. Automated logins can be denied at any time to allow for these interactions.

R0.4B 3rd party contents

You are responsible for the integrity of your system, so use appropriate security software, keep your IT infrastructure up-to-date and make periodic full backups of your data in a safe place before using any resource connected to this service.

Due to the mutable nature of the Internet, it is impossible to guarantee a flawless browsing experience and it is possible that some resources could be subject to rapid obsolescence or be replaced by other resources that are not necessarily equivalent in quality or functionality. The platform does its best and you can report any anomaly to it to be corrected but still pay attention because you are solely responsible for your safety.

R0.4C Conflict of interest

If you or any legal entity linked to you develops a conflict of interest and/or could suffer any damage (natural or moral) related to the platform then it is your duty to stop all interactions with it.

Note that abusing the platform's computational resources creates a conflict of interest, unless you have a digitally signed authorization for security assesment. In order to track and report service abuse to Internet service providers, this platform only anonymizes the logs of legitimate communications.

R0.5 Submissions

All resources can be queued for approval by automated systems, staff and volunteers. This process focuses on accuracy, not on approval speed. Resources may then be removed if they violate this regulations and cannot be corrected otherwise. Copyright holders can request the removal of their resources at any time, after identity verification. Removed resources leave a public and permanent trace.